The last thing you want is to be stressed about the security of your business assets once you’ve gone home for the day.  Instead of unwinding and enjoying your time, insufficient security can see you tied to work with worry long after everyone else has clocked off. Alpha Security Specialists can assess your business and provide an asset protection solution that’s tailored for your requirements.

While it is important to invest in providing security solutions for the your staff and customers during your work hours, it is also vital to consider whether you can risk leaving all of those valuable assets unattended for a lengthy period.  The last thing you want is to have to struggle through insurance claims, police reports and data recovery procedures that could have been easily prevented.

Increasing your asset security is also a great way to potentially reduce your business insurance premiums.  Let your insurers know that you have implemented a custom-tailored security solution for your company after hours – as well as during – and open the discussion!

Asset protection is even more important during high risk times, such as over the key holiday periods and long weekends, when your business may be left unattended for longer periods.