Summer Events

Every weekend is packed with loads to do in the city and across the suburbs, with regular markets, festivals, street events, fairs, shows, gigs and screenings almost everywhere you look.

Summer is also a busy time for us as well, providing Summer Event Security Services, as many of these events require professional and reliable security services to help manage and keep everyone safe.

If you’re planning on holding an event this summer, consider hiring us at Alpha Security Services as your designated security service. Our professional, caring and welcoming team are not a pack of bouncers, they are highly-trained security and crowd management experts who are ready for any situation.

Summer events are often filled with fun, happiness and laughter, but sometimes things can get out of control. We know how to detect budding problems before they erupt, as well as how to mitigate them while keeping all parties safe.

We’ve worked in clubs all across the United Kingdom, as well as at huge exhibitions and massive festivals. From crowd management, personal protection, threat assessment, evacuation, entrance and exit management, we know it all. We are a support base on which you and your event’s participants can rely upon when things are not going well. We’ll be there to pick you up, listen to you and act to ensure your safety immediately. Even if we are not needed, everyone will feel safer knowing we’re there.

After shivering through another bleak British winter, and a year of covid restrictions we’re so excited to yet again enjoy the vibrant variety of activities that our beautiful city will offer. Summer is when the United Kingdom truly comes alive, and this year should be better than ever!

We want to make sure that everyone gets the same chance to enjoy these events too, and for them not to be ruined by someone looking to cause trouble, or an unruly crowd, or another dangerous yet avoidable circumstance.

Don’t rely on luck to ensure your event stays safe. Let Alpha Security Services take care of your Summer Event Security Services. Make your event’s safety a certainty with our experienced and professional security team so that you can contribute to another successful summer!

Club Security

One of the most important aspects to consider when running a club is security. In order for everyone to have a good time, we all need to feel safe! That’s why, when selecting security services, careful consideration needs to be made.

Alpha Security Services have over 20 years experience providing the highest level of security for the UK club scene. We have carefully crafted an image for ourselves as friendly and highly professional security personnel who will provide a sense of safety to your venue. While we aim to be kind, understanding and sophisticated, we also strive to always be in control.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much for club venues to quickly turn from an enjoyable and exciting environment to one of danger. A club usually provides a positive environment whereby people can let go, enjoy music and forget about their lives for a while. However, for tired people, fuelled by alcohol and energy drinks and running on adrenaline, a simple sideways glance or nudge can bring about anger and violence.

That’s why we ensure our security team is trained to detect and mitigate trouble before it erupts. They are always on the lookout for signs of brewing aggression so it can be nipped in the bud.

While we aim to provide this firm sense of control, we also make sure our security team’s image and conduct is far away from a stereotypical club ‘bouncer.’ Our ideal situation is that our team are trusted and relied upon by everyone in the club to keep them safe.

We can also help with crowd control, asset protection, as well as simply keeping things organised and tidy.

At Alpha Security Services, we have strong recommendations from some of the UKs top clubs, all of who value our service and praise the professionalism and positive attitude of our team. We hope we can work together with other club owners to spread our style of professional, firm and friendly security management all across the UK.

Concert Security

Crowd control

Depending on your needs, security services come in many forms. Event security is a popular one and not just for big star-studded events. We take care of crowd control for concerts, sporting events, community functions, political rallies, festivals and private parties. We recently coordinated security for 80s Classical Concert, providing robust protection for the bands, and a watchful eye over the 1000s of attendees. With over 20 years of experience, we’re not just your usual bouncers. We are an elite and professional company boasting high level security guards.

Risk and threat assessment

If you believe you are in danger, we can determine the credibility and seriousness of the potential threat. From there, we establish whether a threat will become a reality. From there, for your peace of mind, we can provide you with…

Personal protection

It’s not always large crowds that need to be kept safe. We also provide specially trained close personal protection officers, or bodyguards. VIP’s, dignitaries, business people, celebrities and other high-profile individuals benefit from this service immensely. After the initial risk and threat assessment comes site-visits, scheduling and debriefing.

Asset protection

Sometimes protection is needed for something not so human. Important documents or pieces of property, as well as cyber assets that need to be kept out of the wrong hands.

Static security

It’s the most common form of security and barely noticeable. Static security guards take a post at banks, government buildings and hospitals. And they patrol housing estates, shopping centres, industrial areas or construction sites. The main purpose of the static guard is to ensure unauthorised people do not enter restricted areas, check credentials or allay potential disputes.

Whatever your reason, we’ve got your security needs covered. To discuss further, Contact Alpha Security Services today.